Primary English (Ages 7 to 11)

Every child is a unique individual and for that reason the tutoring that we offer is bespoke in nature.  Lessons are tailored to the needs of your child and, as such, the information below is intended as a guide only.


English learning can be divided into three main categories:  Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening.

Reading Skills

In this age group, in English, there is a shift in the focus of reading, compared to children aged 5 – 7 years old. Children progress from decoding words to interpreting what they read.  At age 7, most children can read around 300 words of the most frequent words and by age 11, most will have become fluent and confident readers.

With one of our professional tutors, your child will have the opportunity to: read new words independently; understand themes, plots and ideas; recognise the use of figurative language; use structure’ compare different writing styles; and find information in a non-fiction text.

Your child will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of texts including myths and legends, adventure and mystery stories, stories with a historical setting, stories set in imaginary worlds, stories from different cultures, poetry, novels, plays, newspaper articles, information texts, persuasive writing, biographies, autobiographies, significant authors and classic novels.

Writing skills

Between the ages of 7-11, our tutors can work with your child to develop their writing skills.  At this age, handwriting, generally, becomes clearer and neater, spelling should be more accurate, and children can use punctuation correctly (or at least with greater accuracy!) Children should be able to construct longer pieces of writing, using characters, dialogue, and a more varied and imaginative vocabulary.

Our tutors can help your child to learn:

  • To write using paragraphs
  • Use punctuation correctly and with effect
  • Use connectives, clauses, and commas
  • Use adverbs
  • Use possessive apostrophes
  • Use direct and reported speech
  • Understand active and passive voice

Speaking and listening skills

Our tutors can help your child to develop their confidence through discussion, drama, and role play.


If your son or daughter is in Year 6 at school, our tutors can help them to prepare for their end of Key Stage 2 SAT’s tests in English. 

*Covid-19 update on SATs*

The DfE’s intention is for all Primary end of key stage assessments, including KS1/KS2 SATs, to continue as normal during the 2020/2021 academic year.