GCSE English Literature

The GCSE English Literature course has been designed to inspire, challenge, and motivate all students, regardless of their level of ability, while supporting our students in developing creative and engaging sessions.

There are four main areas of study:

  • Shakespeare
  • The 19th century novel
  • Modern texts – drama/prose
  • Poetry

The GCSE English Literature course offers excellent preparation for further study at A level, as well as giving students a grounding in a wide variety of literature that will stay with them for life. Jurassic Coast Tutors offer bespoke lessons to support students in their preparation for the English Literature exam.  They will have the opportunity to develop skills which are very transferrable that can be applied to the GCSE English Language exam.  We also offer the opportunity to study this course from scratch.  This may be helpful to adults that are looking to gain a qualification for the purpose of work or to gain access to further or higher education.

Students will have the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • Literal and inferential comprehension
  • Critical reading
  • Evaluation of a writers’ choice of vocabulary, grammatical and structural features
  • Comparing texts
  • Producing clear and coherent text: writing effectively about literature for a range of purposes
  • Using accurate Standard English