GCSE English Language

Studying GCSE English Language involves drawing upon a range of texts as reading stimulus and engage with creative as well as real and relevant contexts.  Students will have opportunities to develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes.

This course will ensure that students can read fluently and write effectively.  Students will be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, using figurative language and analysing texts.
Course content focusses on the following aspects of learning and development in English:

  • Critical reading and comprehension
  • Summarising and synthesising
  • Evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features
  • Comparing texts
  • Producing clear and coherent text
  • Writing for impact
  • Additional aspects can include (where appropriate)
  • Presenting information and ideas
  • Responding to spoken language
  • Spoken Standard English

Jurassic Coast Tutors offer support in revising and preparing for exams in English Language.  These lessons are bespoke in nature and so tailored to meet your or your child’s specific learning needs.  We support students studying the AQA and Edexcel specification in GCSE English Language but can support students who may be following a different specification too. We are also able to teach you the complete course in GCSE English Language from scratch.  These courses may suit adult learners returning to education to gain qualifications for work or gaining access to college or university.