Safeguarding Children Policy

1. Introduction

1. Jurassic Coast Tutors is a for-profit organisation run by: Mrs. Alison Bolsover

2. Jurassic Coast Tutors is based at: 11 Love Lane, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8JZ

3. Jurassic Coast Tutors is managed by a management team (the Team). One of the management team has particular responsibility for safeguarding children.

4. The Team has adopted the safeguarding children policy and expects every adult working or helping at Jurassic Coast Tutors to support it and comply with it. Consequently, this policy shall apply to all staff, managers, trustees, directors, volunteers, students or anyone working on behalf of Jurassic Coast Tutors.

2. Purpose of the Policy

  • This policy is intended to protect children and young people who receive any service from us, including those who are the children of adults who may receive services from us.

  • All children have an absolute right to a childhood free from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Jurassic Coast Tutors believes that in all matters concerning child protection and safeguarding, the welfare and protection of the young people we work with is of paramount consideration. All adults involved in Jurassic Coast Tutors activities and who come into contact with children have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their welfare. This policy and the procedures contained within it exist not to discourage adults from being involved in the work of Jurassic Coast Tutors, but to ensure, as far as possible, that people who may abuse children do not get the opportunity to do so.

  • There is a duty placed upon us to ensure that all adults who work with or on behalf of our young people are competent, confident and safe to do so.

  • Adults working for Jurassic Coast Tutors are responsible for their own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct that would lead a reasonable person to question their motivation or intention.

  • The Director of Jurassic Coast Tutors will:

  • Offer support and training to all staff and volunteers involved in Jurassic Coast Tutors work.

  • Ensure that all Jurassic Coast Tutors self-employed tutors are sufficiently vetted and have the correct level of qualifications or experience to work with children.

  • Act as the main point of contact in the event of any allegation or disclosure.
    Director of Jurassic Coast Tutors:
    Mrs Alison Bolsover

For the purpose of this policy, a young person is defined as any person under the age of eighteen

3. Definitions of abuse

  • Physical Abuse: physical injury to a child where there is knowledge or reasonable suspicion, that their injury was inflicted or knowingly not prevented.

  • Neglect: the persistent or severe neglect of a child that results in serious impairment of the child’s health or development (both physical and mental).

  • Emotional Abuse: the persistent or severe emotional ill-treatment of a child which has a severe adverse effect on the behaviour and emotional development of that child.

  • Sexual Abuse: the involvement of dependent, developmentally immature children and adolescents in sexual activities they do not truly comprehend, to which they are unable to give informed consent.

  • Extremism: A vocal or active opposition to fundamental human values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

  • Grooming: When someone builds an emotional connection with a child or a young person to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse or exploitation.

  • Self-Abuse: Any means by which a child or young person seeks to harm themselves. This can take lots of physical forms, including cutting, bruising, scratching, hair-pulling, poisoning, overdosing and eating disorders.

4. Procedures

In all cases related to child protection and safeguarding, the main procedure is to treat the allegation seriously, in strict confidence and immediately contact Jurassic Coast Tutors Director. In the event of Jurassic Coast Tutors Director being contacted, the following protocol will be followed:

  • The information will immediately be passed on to the parent /carer (if safe to do so) and the agency’s (see Appendix A) child protection and safeguarding lead/s.
  • The agency shall follow the agency’s procedure for contacting the local Police Child Protection Unit or the Social Services Department of the relevant Local Authority (the Authorities). Jurassic Coast Tutors director and tutors shall support the parent and school/agency with any action that the parent or referring agency deems appropriate and shall undertake reasonable endeavours to provide the parent and school/ agency with any assistance or documents.
  • Jurassic Coast Tutors director and tutors shall not, under any circumstances, undertake any independent investigation or questioning (as this may jeopardise any enquiry) unless or until Jurassic Coast Tutors director or tutor is given authorisation by the parent or school/agency or the Authorities. Following authorisation, Jurassic Coast Tutors director and tutors may independently follow up on the allegation.
  • All allegations or suspicions shall be referred to the parent/carer
    or school/agency, no matter how insignificant they seem to be or when they occur. Any information about suspicious behaviour or circumstances will be passed to ChAD (see Appendix B) within 24 hours or as soon as shall be reasonably practicable.

In the event that a young person discloses abuse to a tutor of Jurassic Coast Tutors they shall:

  • Allow the young person to speak without interruption, encouraging them to tell you only what they feel comfortable telling you, and be accepting and be non-judgemental about what is said. Do not ask investigative or leading questions of any kind.
  • Advise the young person that you will offer support, but that you MUST pass what they tell you and are not able to keep anything they tell you confidential.
  • If they refuse to tell you anything unless you promise to keep it a secret, inform them that you want to help and that there is one person you have to tell. If they then refuse to tell you any more, please respect their decision and report this incident.
  • Ensure that the young person is not immediately at risk of any further abuse.
  • Immediately after a disclosure, contact the Director at Jurassic Coast Tutors.
  • Report the facts as you know them/ or understand them, including the pupil’s name and the account given to you by the young person using the words that they used as well as including any other information your feel is relevant.
  • Provide this detailed information to the Director at Jurassic Coast Tutors as soon as you are able.
  • Jurassic Coast Tutors shall retain a copy of all such notifications in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

In the event that a tutor suspects abuse, but it has not been disclosed by the young person the tutor shall:

  • Not discuss your suspicions with the young person in question or conduct any form of investigative work.
  • Report the facts as you know them/ or understand them, including the pupil’s name and the account given to you by the young person using the words that they used as well as including any other information your feel is relevant.
  • Provide this detailed information to the Director of Jurassic Coast Tutors as soon as you are able.
  • Jurassic Coast Tutors director shall retain a copy of all such notifications in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

If you receive an allegation about any tutor/the director (including the person hearing the allegation) that has:

  • behaved in a way that has harmed, or may have harmed, a child
  • possibly committed a criminal offence against children, or related to a child
  • behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children
  • You shall:
    Immediately after receiving an allegation or disclosure, contact the Director of Jurassic Coast Tutors.
  • Report the facts as you know them/ or understand them, including the names of relevant adults and/or young people and the account given to you using the words that they used as well as including any other information your feel is relevant.
  • Provide this detailed information to the Director of Jurassic Coast Tutors as soon as you are able.
  • Jurassic Coast Tutors director shall retain a copy of all such notifications in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Jurassic Coast Tutors Director will refer the allegation or disclosure to the Local Area Designated Officer (LADO) – see Appendix B.
  • If the allegation or disclosure made concerns the Jurassic Coast Tutors Director themselves, please refer immediately to the Local Area Designated Officer (LADO) – see Appendix B.
  • Any concerns should be referred within one working day.

If you deal with the personal data of young people (including names, grades and school) tutors of Jurassic Coast Tutors shall:

  • Handle all information with sensitivity and confidentiality and in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
  • The information should be kept securely and not be made available to others without the authority of the Jurassic Coast Tutors director.

5. Recruitment and training

  • Jurassic Coast Tutors maintain a high standard in recruiting tutors. All Jurassic Coast Tutors tutors must have an enhanced Disclosure check before they can begin working with pupils. Every tutor must be able to fulfil one of the following:

  • Have an existing enhanced DBS check not more than 5 years old verified by a member of Jurassic Coast Tutors staff, with the disclosure number included in their contract.

  • Arrange with Jurassic Coast Tutors to have a new enhanced DBS check processed by Jurassic Coast Tutors should their check be more than 5 years old.

  • Jurassic Coast Tutors tutor’s will receive training on the contents of this policy as part of their induction. Jurassic Coast Tutors tutor’s will be aware that by receiving such training they are confirming that they understand their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding.

  • As part of the recruitment process, Jurassic Coast Tutors will obtain two professional references regarding tutors, one being the most recent employer. After references have been received, Jurassic Coast Tutors will follow up these references with a phone call to check the content of the references is correct and has not been amended.

6. The Code of Conduct

  • All adults coming into contact with children and young people through Jurassic Coast Tutors work must comply with this Safeguarding Policy and our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct states you must:

    • Treat all young people with respect.

    • Be aware that social networking sites are in the public domain if not protected by privacy settings. Strongly consider strengthening any privacy settings so that young people would not be able to access your online profiles and be privy to any information you would not want in the public domain.

    • Block any young people that approach you online

    • Recognise that special caution is required when discussing sensitive issues with young people.

    • Challenge unacceptable behaviour and report all allegations/suspicions of abuse to the Jurassic Coast Tutors Director.

    • Operate within Jurassic Coast Tutors procedures in the event of any disclosure/concern.

    • Raise any questions or concerns about child protection and safeguarding with Jurassic Coast Tutors Director.

    • Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times when delivering sessions online or in person.
    • When carrying out tuition in the home of the student, the tutor should always ensure that an adult is present in the home.

You must not:

  • Seek out or add young people on any social networking site.
  • Respond to any online communication from a young person, for example on a social networking site.
  • Share any personal contact details with young people, or, seek out their personal contact details.
  • Arrange to meet a young person outside of the allocated tutoring time.
  • Act in a manner that excludes the young people you are working with.
  • Make suggestive or derogatory remarks in front of young people.
  • Have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with young people.
  • Show favouritism to any individual.
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or other substances when working on activities involving young people.
  • Take photographs of young people unless for the purpose of sharing with parents to inform about what pupils are learning. These photographs will only be shared with the pupil’s parent and with their prior knowledge and written agreement and will delete once they have been shared.


7. Safeguarding children when remote learning

  • When carrying out tuition online, tutors must ensure that the platform is suitable for the children’s age group, stage of development and ability. We recommend the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom/Meet.
  • Online lessons should, wherever possible, take place in a communal space in the family home. However, we accept that this is not always possible in a family with multiple children. In these circumstances, please obtain written consent from parents.
  • Ensure that the tutor environment does not show any inappropriate images or documentation that can be seen by the student or parent/carer when conducting a remote lesson.
  • Always ensure that language is appropriate and not offensive in any way.
  • The tutor shall ensure that any contact with the student is appropriate to their role as a tutor and confined to the relevant lesson.
  • The tutor shall not send unsolicited communications to the student or parent/carer.
  • All communication outside of the remote lesson should be carried out with parents unless the student is 16 or over.
  • Remote lessons can be recorded with the permission of the parent for the purposes of reviewing learning. Please ensure that you obtain written permission from the parent(s) before remote learning commences.
  • Tutors shall value and take student’ contributions seriously.
  • Always look out for signs that a child may be at risk and report any      concerns following the guidelines set out above.
  • Ensure that if no parent/carer is present during a lesson session that the student is comfortable to continue the session; if not, the parent/carer can terminate the session.

This policy was last update on: 1/3/2021

By: Alison Bolsover (Director)



Appendix A

Next policy update:  1/3/2022


Appendix B

Referral Contact Details


If there are concerns about a child’s welfare or you are worried that they are being abused, you can make a referral to children’s Social Care in Dorset by contacting Dorset – Children’s Advice and Duty Service (ChAd) Professionals Number: 01305 228558; Dorset Families and Members of the Public: 01202 228866; Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole – Children’s First Response Hub: 01202 735046 (

In an emergency or out of hours contact: Dorset Out of Hours Service: 01305 228558; Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Out of Hours Service: 01202 738256 (


Local Area Designated Officer (LADO) contact: Dorset LADO 01305 221122 Email:


Appendix C

Definition of terms
Agency: is the agency that referred the student to Jurassic Coast Tutors for tuition. For students that have been referred via the Alternative Provision Framework, this is likely to be a school, Dorset Virtual School or the Dorset Council SEN team.